Childhood Memories


I invite you to take a journey through the hidden childhood experiences of the children throughout Dobrogea, Romania. This is a collection of individual stories presented as one, wherein one child’s experience is reflected in the collective and in myself. Everyone experiences childhood, in one form or another, and it is a unifying experience that all of us share. I challenge you, then – how much of yourself can you see in these children? To what extent is your experience interchangeable with theirs? Why are they so different from the rest of the world?


"Childhood Memories" is a hardcover book, 230 X 230 mm format, with a selection of 136 photos and 160 pages. It is personally handcrafted and designed. The pages are sewn by hand.


I started shooting in the Dobrogea region in early 2016, and it's been an ongoing process for years. This book envelops my vision of this land that I feel so connected to. The photos published were taken between 2016 and 2022 in different villages in southern Dobrogea.


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