My photographic journey started in 2015, and it is an ongoing process, rather complex, of discovering my surroundings and myself as an artist and person. It all started as a curiosity and game but became more serious as time went by. At this point, photography is part of who I am, and giving up this artistic way of expression is not an option anymore. The road can get bumpy at times, as the creative area is not something to be easily treated. My work evolves around documentaries – but not necessarily documentation in a classical way but rather a more poetic approach where I try to discover the area and people that inhabit it through my perception, bringing into the frame personal feelings when experimenting with a place. The other direction in my photography is self-portraits. I started to get more interest in portraits beginning in 2020 due to all the travel restrictions we had to deal with. Self-portraits are a unique and powerful way for an artist to express himself. It opens doors to the soul that one could not have been aware of, the artist becomes both the creator and the subject in the frame, and sometimes it is hard to look deep into your soul trying to express your feelings by using yourself as a subject.


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