Project Statement


Thresholds aims to encapsulate the emotions evoked by my childhood memories and transform them into meaningful images to coax the audience into finding the different dimensions to what they might see as mere personages living in a deprived socio-economic context. By lifting them out of this context and reframing them, I aim to convey meaningful flashes from my childhood memories that viewers can relate to, even if the shape of the memory is different.


Thresholds is not primarily an arch of entering and leaving in a geographical lived space that endured through history and time, but rather a passing bridge between memory and imagination, reality, and fantasy. In this sense I used photography more as an artistic and metaphorical tool rather than an instrument of documentary evidence.


Thresholds presents a continuous visualization of images that blend, a “glissando” over different layers exploring elements of memory. Each layer is marked by a threshold I have crossed during my investigative photographic quest: initially from the outside of people’s homes into their privacy, then from the bare lands' solitude to the animated play of the children, and lastly from digital images to polaroid images that explore my dreams, and nostalgia about the ephemeral childhood. Like the fragments of memories, each of the layers presents a discrete visualization of images, each one speaking by itself.


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